Support Floodgate Farm by purchasing CSA Shares

As a way for people to get guaranteed fresh produce and for the 
farm to be able to grow, Floodgate Farm Community Supported 
Agriculture shares are available: half a year (26 weeks) for 
$390 (bag) or $780 (box), running May-October and November-April.  
You may start at any time and the cost will be prorated to the 
number of weeks before the next  (May 1 or Nov 1) renewal date.  
There will be Wednesday pickups in 
Ukiah close to downtown, and we can also meet folks at West Rd exit 
or at the farm. Each bag or box will include greens, salad mix, 
and other vegetables in season; possibilities include kale chips, 
squash, tomatoes (fresh or dried), potatoes, and a few special 
surprises. The farm will invest your prepaid share in infrastructure 
and fertility  on the farm to bring you vibrantly healthy food.

If you are interested, please send us an email with the following:

city or town
preferred share size (box or bag)
ideal mix of veggies for your share (we can increase the amount of 
salad mix for example) from list below plus any wish 
list for our future planning)

A typical bag will include 1/4 lb salad mix, 2 bunches greens (kale, 
collards, chard, mustard)or broccoli, tomatoes (2/3 lb fresh or 
small bag dried), 1 lb winter squash or potatoes, small bag kale 
chips, 1/3 lb tomatillos

A typical box will include the above at double the quantity. 

There will probably be some extra surprise each week. 

Send emails to  Our phone is 707-272-1688.

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    • That is fine; please credit Bill Taylor of Floodgate Farm (as well as Karin Uphoff of Rainbow Connection if you are using the medicinal info) as well as giving the link. Thanks so much for getting this info to folks!

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