“Nature’s Dream” album

Released December 19, 2018, this album transcends categories. It weaves classical, jazz, and other influences into a new sound. Bill Taylor on piano, George Husaruk on flute, Paul McCandless on Soprano Sax and Bass Clarinet, Margie Rice on violin, Yanahay Hooper on bass, Jaye Alison Moscariello on vocals.

Visit CD Baby and search for Billtaylor4 or Nature’s Dream to hear clips, buy the physical album with beautiful design and artwork by Jaye Alison Moscariello, or buy downloads of the album or individual songs. Many of them originated in dreams by the composer. Also includes a tune by Paul McCandless and one by Bill’s Mom Priscilla Rowe which Paul likens to Cole Porter. Happy listening!

The title track could be a world anthem. For that reason I am sharing it for non-commercial use (please inquire if you want to use it):


Here are words about the music, lyrics, etc., a bit expanded from what is on the jacket:

Nature’s Dream CD jacket