Upcoming Music Events

Songbook being developed; sheet music available for select songs.  Email to edibleland@earthlink.net if interested.

TBA: Stanford Inn, Mendocino

Sunday, January 19, 2013: 8 PM House Concert with Bill Taylor, Elizabeth MacDougall, Paul McCandless, Jaye Alison Moscariello.  Works by Bill Taylor, Paul McCandless, others TBA.  Mill St., Ukiah, CA.  Tickets $20.  Available now at Mendocino Book Company in Ukiah and All That Good Stuff in Boonville. Also available from the musicians.  You will be given directions once you buy your ticket, or call the phone numbers on the ticket!

Tentative list of pieces to be performed Jan. 19:

24 By 8, 2-piano version by Bill Taylor.  Newly added second piano part; Bill and Elizabeth will play these 8 short pieces

Nature’s Dream, written 2011-2012 by Bill, performed by all 4 musicians

9-17, written 2012 by Bill Taylor also for all 4 musicians.

Civil Unrest, Of The Woods, Seattle October/Shutters Corners, Jamaica Plain Bop, Spanish Stairs (first 4 written by Bill, last one by Paul) played by Bill Taylor and Paul McCandless

Belugas and Clear Blue Autumn by Bill Taylor, played by Elizabeth MacDougall

Chopin Nocturne #5 played by Bill Taylor as a tribute to Priscilla Taylor

Every Time We Meet, by Priscilla Rowe, with Bill, Jaye, and Paul MacCandless

Several pieces played by Paul and Elizabeth

Release, and a few others performed by Bill and Jaye

We are in the process of planning additional house concerts and will post these when dates and locations are set.  We are open to doing concerts in Northern CA, on the East Coast (NYC,CT,MA,RI), or other locations of interest to you, so please call us at 707-272-1688 or email edibleland@earthlink.net

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Music Events

  1. Wow! Congratulations, Bill. I’ve got your Lauren’s date on our calendar. Can’t wait to hear your music. Great website! alice

    • Thanks Alice and Ric. And see you at both event and class. If you can make the Mendo one it will have Paul McCandless and be on a great piano. The Laurens one will be a lot of fun too, though.

  2. Hooray Bill!!!! Wish so much I could be at BOTH! I am so thrilled to see your website and thrilled that you have done this….Wow. Such amazing God given talent.

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