Buying “Nature’s Dream” and “Of This Earth”

Both CD’s are now available from CD Baby at where you can listen to short excerpts. Downloads of the entire album or particular songs available, or you can order a physical copy.

Also available by mailing $15 to Bill Taylor, P.O. Box 848, Ukiah, CA 95482.  Call 707-272-1688 if you have questions.  Please let me know if you want it autographed on either the jacket or CD itself or both; Jaye and other musicians may be able to also autograph.

In Ukiah, one can purchase it at the Ukiah Farmers’ Market Saturdays 9-Noon from Floodgate Farm’s booth.

Please let us know if you’d like to carry it at your location.

2 thoughts on “Buying “Nature’s Dream” and “Of This Earth”

  1. One of my favorite CD’s…..It has such warm pleasent touch to my ears..not your average piano and voices……I can’t stop listening to it…….TRUE!!!…..

    • Thanks Bonnie; glad you enjoy it. See you Friday – I may be around 2400 Hwy 128 in the late afternoon, but call me to confirm a meeting place.

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